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Recent News
  • RetroMadrid 2013, the adventure continues
  • 7-02-2013
RetroMadrid 2013


At last we have confirmed the date when RetroMadrid will be held. Madrid: 8, 9 and 10, March inside "Nave 16" of cultural space "Matadero".

In this new grand adventure that RetroMadrid is, we want to join you in a classic computing and adventure world where imagination is more important than technology.

We want to give more importance to the RPG games and conversational adventures. This is the "leivmotiv" of RetroMadrid 2013 where everybody is invited.

MSX system deserves a special celebration because of the 30th anniversary. In this 2013 edition MadriSX, the old MSX users meeting wich became into RetroMadrid, is coming back.


If this is not enough for you, we also offer a very special opening concert and great invited people in our conferences.


RetroMadrid prize will be celebrated again in its third edition.


We hope to see you!!

  • Round Table about digital preservation at RetroMadrid
  • 12-04-2012

For several years, there are some initiatives, from individuals as associations, that make this task, for preserving applications and videogames in new digital media.

At this panel we will have the chance to listen some persona with special and international relevance:

  • Andreas Lange,  Berlin "Computerspiele Museum"  leader and one of main driver of European KEEP Project , making portability through emulation of all of the computer platforms and their respective software.
  • Marco Accordi, AIOMI President and  IVDC Organizer, promoting videogame culture in Italian gobernment and create intiatives joining efforts of the different European countries. With projects as ViGaMus Musem, at Roma, contributes to technological and cultural legacy that supposes the rich amount and variety of the stuff known in this age of  technological "boom". 
  • Moacyr Alves, ACIGAMES founder and president,  promoting and promoving videogame industry at Brasil. He works as content manager of Campus Party Brasilean Edition.

Experience of these three speakers will be an incentive to you to join us in this panel full of contents.

At this round table will represented other colectives too, such as Francisco Jesús Martos, who gave technological support to MSX software preservation.

This type of intiatives where work the different speakers are very important to support videogames culture and classic computers, for this reason we want offer them all our help and support giving the most diffusion in our panel of activities.

¿When and where?: at stage in Sala 2, Nave 16 at 19:15 on May 5 (Saturday).

  • Mot is coming to RetroMadrid! ... and you?
  • 20-02-2012

Just three months before the great festival, we opened the registration of exhibitors and sellers, finally starting the countdown of the most wanted edition of all the time, in which AUIC, through its partners and collaborators, will make a big effort for us to enjoy the gathering of fans for fans.

This year there will be new activities, a new edition of the award RetroMadrid, a new three-days schedule, and an awesome space of almost 1,500 m2  in which we will turn into reality RetroMadrid we dreamed. We sincerely appreciate "Matadero" have taked care for us, hoping that Matadero will be our new "home" for many more editions.

There is a hard and difficult time until May, but with your support we will turn to real ...see you in RetroMadrid  2012!


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