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Archivo de noticias
  • Super Mario Bros 25 years anniversary will be commemorated at Retromadrid
  • 7-03-2010

We are very proud to announce 25th commemoration of the most selled and popular videogame of all times, cast by one of most loved and famous characters of videogames, our dear:  Super Mario Bros, para NES.

To get this, Retromadrid will be transformed, offering an space in order to the old children (thirtiers of now) will get into Mario's World in real-size.

Computers University will be converted in an space full of surprises related to Mario. We will organize a contest of "cosplay" in which Nintendo will gift a Wii black edition with five games of Mario to the visitor with the best costume based in Mario's Universe. In the same way we will have the chance to create new scenaries of this game and be photographed with Mario, so don't forget to take your camera this day.

So, AUIC will inaugure the fair with-in an special way, so we will be ver proud to present you "1UP duet", composed by the musicians Luis Miguel García Bailón and Victor Barbero Romero, so with their violin y cello, will sync  "Super Mario Bros" levels (recorden in a video edited by  Guillermo Cerdá) with their music played in live, a piece called by them "Mushroom suite" (adapted and amplied from this video).

Complementing this concert, the artist Paola Tognazzi will present  Wearable_Supernow, thanks to brazalets developed with Wii pads and an specific software to communicate with them will let us to play "1UP duet" with their own instruments and their own bodies.

To all of this, we add the talk "Mario, del andamio a las 3D. Quién te ha visto y quién te ve...",  in such we have made with all of our illusion with humour and special moments. By the way, we have invited to our favourite plonder plumber to join us, we hope he accept our invitation, because we have prepared a pie to receive him and sing "Happy Birthday". You are commited to join us next  13 de Marzo to celebrate it with all of us.

  • Zombies will invade Retromadrid
  • 21-01-2010

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters


RELEVO Videogames will present at RetroMadrid its new production, Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, an action game for Spectrum and MSX to remeber the old times in a presente event.

Jon Cortázar, known for managing under Karoshi the videogame La Corona Encantada (illustrated by Alfonso Azpiri) is surprising us again,  this time with  RELEVO Videogames (www.relevovideogames.com) presenting us his new videogame for 8 bits systems: Invasion of the Zombie Monster, a motion shooting videogame based in classic b-series movies.

In the musical side,  is where the game is going to surprise to all the platforms retro videogames lovers , so Invasion of the Zombie Monsters is the return to the most known music componer of the Golden Age of Spanish Software: César Astudillo, aka Gominolas, that is a an active collaborator of Retromadrid.

It will be produced by Matra Computer Automations (www.matranet.net), and it will be available in a First Class Box for Spectrum (cassette) y MSX (cartridge).

  • Retromadrid 2010, the countdown has begun!
  • 13-01-2010

Retromadrid is very near. Very soon, all classic computing fans will join in a new and different edition of one of the most famous Retrocomputing event. It will be as the other times, because it will be an excellent chance to meet our friends and colleagues, talk with the experts and to share a journey where classic computing will be the main thing to all of us.

In the other side, it will be new, and different, and not only due the new ubication, but RetroMadrid is more than never a big event where many people will work so hard to get that this 2010 edition mean a conceptual change than will transform this event in "something more". We hope that our effort will have the necessary feedback to make real all the goals of all of us.

Bring all your friends, partners and family and try to help us spreading the sign. The sign will change along the time with new sponsors.

  • RetroMadrid 2010, begins the new era (part 1, interviews)
  • 2-11-2009

It's always a little sad moment to say goodbye to a place that has harbored for years at a show that from a simple gathering of friends MSX system, started to have an open and glue, resulting in 7 years have overwhelmed all expectations year after year, the organization manages to sustain its growth.

Several persons who have enabled us to advance RetroMadrid offer their views on the show and its future.

  • RetroMadrid 2010, begins the new era (part 2, we get the poster)
  • 2-11-2009

And then comes the turning point, interviewees and other team members pick the 2009 RetroMadrid of RetroMadrid poster to take to a new destination: The School of Informatics, University Complutense of Madrid.

It's a hard road we face with the hope that the collaborative approach will continue working and unselfish as the key engine in RetroMadrid, which hosts the fair is a love above all.

If you want to participate in the short lift of the poster in the faculty write us and we will inform the date of recording.



  • RetroMadrid 2010
  • 25-10-2009

Facultad de Informática UCMRetroMadrid will be held on Saturday 13 March 2010 in the facilities of the Computer Science building of the Universidad Complutense at Madrid. We will have more room, technical facilities and resources available to develop the aim of the fair: the popularization of the interest in classic computers. The new location is perfect for our intention.

You will see many innovations at all levels, as the staff is bigger and partnerships with other groups have flourished. Our hope a is to make RetroMadrid 2010 a memorable meeting of vintage computers users.

So here is our invitation to enjoy the fair at all levels –if your desire is  to participate actively, you are always welcome. And now you can find us in Facebook and other social nets!

Note: Exhibitor registration is open since October 31th. New regulations are available in the incumbent link.




  • Formed the organizing committee
  • 28-09-2009

On September 25 constituted the organizing committee of RetroMadrid 2010, with the collaboration of members and supporters to support the project. The Constituent Assembly was very positive and productive, she contributed many initiatives as they are coming to fruition conveniently posted on the website.

We want to publicly thank the sponsorship and support of the Universidad Complutense, especially to the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, who have provided us means and support managed by Fernando Saenz. We likewise encourage you to collaborate with the project, any help, especially the day of the show, is welcome to do so please contact us at colabora@retromadrid.es

  • New times, new web
  • 27-09-2009

The new website of the Computer Users Association Classic (www.auic.es) and RetroMadrid (www.retromadrid.es) are born with the intention of facilitating the work of all those working for the Association. We made sure that everything works as best as possible, but we are still under development and there may be broken links or pages with temporary content, so we ask you patience and we promise we will try to take all the stuff we host are as soon as possible instead.

  • RetroMadrid and Facebook
  • 23-07-2009

RetroMadrid Facebook profile premieres to be getting closer to you. Taking advantage of powerful technology that offers Facebook can give you more dynamic and entertaining information about the fair and sometimes information from other activities of the AUIC, talking about this: since we have confirmed that we will have 25 m2 in Campus Party, so we focus on space ceded by E3 Futura to destine Vintagenarios almost entirely because the space is insufficient exposure to Mac that we had raised. We hope to take to deliver the same speech on the anniversary of the Mac that we enjoyed in RetroMadrid. Vintagenarios not the first time you move locations, so this year we hope to reach a wider audience interested in this topic so particular in this huge party.

  • Changes ahead
  • 15-07-2009

Following the success of RetroCoruña in which about 300 people enjoyed a spectacular day, the AUIC has been launched for the coming months. Not far away is "Vintagenarios Campus Party" and is first Campus Party will have a specific area for the classical computer and organize their knowledge Vintagenarios "retroparty" in the beautiful setting of Campus Party, one of the largest in the world. We as promoters that this was possible we will be working and managing activities with our colleagues in Valencia, whom we thank you for having accepted our proposal. Soon we will publish more details as they materialize ceding space E3 Futura.

  • Retro Coruña 2009
  • 19-04-2009

Retro Coruña on Saturday will be held July 4 at the municipal flag of Sada, from 10 am to 8 pm in half hour.

Will be exhibited at the fair PC and consoles 8, 16 and 32 bits, with speakers coming from different parts of the peninsula, who will discuss classic material and will try to visitors.Also have a flea market, contests and screened a documentary about the heyday of the Spanish software in the '80s. We encourage everyone to participate in this first edition of Retro Coruña!.

  • Xtrelan Party 2009, the AUIC invited to attend
  • 23-03-2009

Within Xtrelan 2009 the AUIC coordinate a "retro" and offer an extremely interesting series of talks on the Macintosh and its 25th anniversary, the AUIC and its objectives, and surely will make video game competitions and a host of activities along the three days of this party of great fame in Extremadura. Cabe destacar que ya se ha llenado el cupo disponible. Note that already filled the available space. También tendremos disponible venta de material del Rastrillo RetroMadrid. We will also be available for sale RetroMadrid Rake material.

  • Our message of thanks
  • 15-03-2009

Almost 1100 visitors we definitively confirmed that the course of RetroMadrid beyond what we ourselves could dream just 5 years ago. With our mistakes and our organizational strengths, against all odds, with all our illusion we believe we have achieved among all make real again that restless spirit that has a name: RetroMadrid. The work of all exhibitors, partners and of course the all this Association shall be amply rewarded with a day like yesterday lived, hopefully what you have gone as well as we organized this year, and after two weeks ahead we will try to compile all this audiovisual material on record during the fair. Nuevamente gracias por venir. Again thanks for coming.

Finally the official story is a story of RetroMadrid reports, soon it will have available:



  • Today is the day of RetroMadrid!
  • 14-03-2009

Surely all these years you have been biting your nails because you could not come for one reason or another, but 2009 is special, this time thanks to our colleagues at Time Invaders you have available RetroMadrid live where you will enjoy the lectures and talks that are of interest. Also thanks to Marcianitos have a webcam that every few seconds will give an overview from its privileged position: Webcam RetroMadrid.

We hope that everything works the first and that no one organizational problem, but if at the end for some reason is not working the live broadcast will ask you understanding, we are an organization "amateur" full of amateurs whose common goal is to show that we alive and that the "retro" fashion is and will be many years, and we believe that goal was more than achieved on the basis of what is seen on the web these days. Happy RetroMadrid 2009!

  • Matra confirms the presence of Alfonso Azpiri
  • 11-03-2009

Again from the same thread ZonadePruebas other big news is confirmed that without doubt will cause a stir: Alfonso Azpiri during morning sign copies of "La Corona Encantada" on sale at the booth of Karoshi, we assume that if time can also sign games classic in which he participated as an illustrator (Mot, Phantis, Nonamed among others). Queremos transmitir nuestra enhorabuena a Matra y Karoshi por el gran trabajo desarrollado a lo largo del pasado año que sin duda se verá reflejado en el gran expositor que dispondrán en esta edición. We send our congratulations to Matra and Karoshi for the great work developed over the past year will no doubt be reflected in the large exhibitor who provide in this edition.

We take this sad date from the organization to convey our deepest love to all victims of the tragic attacks of 11 March 2004, of which we know some people very close to us affected.

  • John Tones and the big staff of "Super Juegos Xtreme" comes to RetroMadrid
  • 9-03-2009

Last news of Matra in the site ZonadePruebas and retransmit from here: At last it´s confirmed the presence of John Tones, he will launch the book Mondo-Pixel and naturally he will sign them for the visitors of RetroMadrid. Karoshi presents a new game for MSX, produced and edited by Matra, its name is "La Corona Encantada", with a cover designed by the great Alfonso Azpiri. We suppose that it´s so difficult, or better said, impossible, not to come to RetroMadrid.

  • Metodologic will moderate the big conference
  • 7-03-2009

Just one week before RetroMadrid we want to make official the content and speakers of the big conference named "La edad de oro de los 8 bits, la experiencia en España". José Manuel Fernández "Spidey", journalist of Meristation and web manager in Metodologic (dedicated to the videogames world) will moderate to another three great members of the golden era of spanish software: Cesar Astudillo "Gominolas", Topo Soft musician, Alfonso Borro "Borrocop", Topo Soft graphical designer and Fernando Sáenz, author of the rescued "Vega Solaris", his colaboration with RetroMadrid is actually admirable. From the organization we will try to offer an Internet broadcast and simultaneous projection in the main room.

The orientation of this conference if very personal, the invited speakers will reveal the keys, anecdotes and experiences wich did real the decade that many fans remember. Pictures, music and visual stuff will accompaign to the start of the round table where you will can participate.

  • Big raffle of Marcianitos
  • 3-03-2009

Marcianitos is "non stop",they have confirmed the celebration of a big raffle of one arcade coin op valued in 250 euros. The tickets will be only 2 euros for supporting their presence in the fair, with these tickets you can also participate in the raffle of one MVS cartridge. Don´t hesitate, participate!.

They are arranging the "National Space Invaders Contest" with a great trophy for the winner, and key rings for people who brings three mini coin ops of paper (until stock out).

  • Rastrillo RetroMadrid
  • 28-02-2009

The flea market is actually the perfect place for buy and sell our stuff with a condition: you have to notificate previously indicating phone, ID, and name, so the price of every product to this email. We have incredible prices for merchandising and sponsos products like "Fighting Vipers" of Sega Saturn 3 euros!,or Yoshi´s Cookie of NES, Vectorman, FIFA 98 "Rumbo al Mundial" 1 y 2 euros, we will have accesories for NES; SNES and Game Boy. For reservations use the same address.

  • Cesar Astudillo "Gominolas" will sign Topo videogames in RetroMadrid
  • 21-02-2009

We have the confirmation of "Gominolas", the musician of Topo Soft, the famous 8 bits videogames company. After the big experience in RetroMadrid 2008 he repeats again and in this occasion we will can bring our tapes for getting the autograph. He also will participate in a big conference planned for the evening with another great componentes of the 80s videogame scene. Very soon we will announce the speakers in this conference, stay alert.

  • RetroMadrid 2009 map
  • 18-02-2009

Here you have the final map of RetroMadrid 2009... Click on every standholder to see their web:

  • AUIC: You will find information about our activities. We will sell some merchandising stuff.
  • CEZ Games Studio: As you probably know the are going to dissapear of the scene, but this fair it´s a good place to say good bye. They will sell all the tapes for 8 bits systems, including last news (JINJ, Mariano The Dragon, iLogicAll, I Need Speed, etc), and some more surprises. They will demonstrate the games in real computers, and his members will show future projects.
  • IberDC Dev Team: This group will show some matheral for celebrating the anniversary.
  • Emuforge: In this table you will new emulation developments. Some Allegro games ported to DC and te perfect Sega Megadrive emulator. They will show GP2X Wiz too, very soon on sale in the market, and some software for this new console (MAME, Lady Killer, etc)
  • Grupo de Usuarios Amstrad: Showroom of Amstrad CPC system for celebrating the 25th anniversary, they will have a preservations and reparation desk.
  • Karoshi Corporation: As every year we will enjoy here with all the software news for MSX like "La Corona Encantada".
  • Konamito: Konamito web exposition, t-shirts MSX, games for One Chip MSX, second hand videogames sale, etc.
  • Macintosh: Macintosh celebrates its 25th birthday, nothing better to celebrate it than demonstrate its features during the fair.
  • Matra: Games for MSX, freak t-shirts, table games, etc.
  • Marcianitos: A big arcade + pinball exposition, you will can play and enjoy the exposition of MVS base, arcade controls, MAME. There will be a raffle of one coin op and 100 games cartridge.
  • MSX Cartridge Shop: Cartridge games for MSX, like Operation Wolf, Traffic Jam, Perfect Fit, Caos Begins y Majikazo. Also the MegaSD (card reader for SD and MMC) and the MegaFlashROM SCC. Finally some MSX2 remakes like Alien 8 or Knight Lore.
  • Museo8Bits: Exposition and sale of Dreamcast games, games and tools for PC (including a PC game with relief that likes to american collectos).
  • NeuroChip: Sale and exposition of retrocomputing stuff.
  • Octocom: Exposition and sale of Spectrum software.
  • Rastrillo: Sale of new and second hand retrocomputing products.
  • Sinclair QL: Sinclair QL is celebration the 25th anniversary too.
  • Time Invaders: Game consoles of 80's, like Tabletop of Gakken.
  • Topo Siglo XXI : 20th anniversary of "Viaje al Centro de la tierra", the sell a special edition for Spectrum +3 so that a special video. Information about a new game named "Atomito", Topo soft videogames exposition, covers of Topo/Erbe, etc.
  • Varios: autograph of famous related people and some activities, etc.
  • ViejuNET: Ordenadores PC/XT. videogames exposition and "Abadia del Crimen" easter egg showroom.
  • Z80ST Software: New developments of MSX software.

We invite you to join us next 14th of March. Don´t miss it!

  • Official Banner RetroMadrid 2009
  • 7-02-2009

Here you have the official banner for promoting RetroMadrid fair, feel free to distribuite it.

  • The era of anniversaries
  • 29-01-2009

Many classical computer systems are celebrating an anniversary, just like Amstrad, QL or the MAC. RetroMadrid is the perfect showroom for enjoying a special retrospective.

  • Invasion of ... Marcianitos
  • 20-01-2009

Like in our childhood they are coming to offer us the retro arcade scene with several pinballs and cabinets, they will show us how to assemble a complete arcade in our home.

We are working on a new version of the web "RetroMadrid", but meanwhile I anticipate that Time Invaders, ViejuNet, Z80ST, Konamito, NeuroCHip and much more work to make this a special edition if possible. More news soon, stay tuned.


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